Every engineering student thinks that coding is not taught well only in their college. But this is not true. Programming is not taught well in almost every Indian college or university. Colleges will only improve your basic skills. It’s your responsibility to make it better.

The motive of college is to complete the syllabus only. Because they don’t have enough time to improve their student’s skills. Colleges don’t prepare you for jobs. They only try to fix your meetings with different companies.

Have you ever seen a professional swimmer telling you that he learned swimming by reading a book? A theoretical concept is not worth it if you don’t know how to apply it in real life.

Similarly, the colleges pay more attention to theory but do not teach us how to apply those concepts in real life. Our generation is blessed with ultimate technology which gives much information for free called the internet. None of your grandparents or parents had this opportunity.

Every year Indian Engineering Institutes produce more engineers than Switzerland population. Even then, Switzerland ahead of India in research and innovation. Because Colleges of Switzerland believes in creativity whereas the Indus Civilization Education system of India believes only in English.

Almost everyone knows this formula (a + b)2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab but no one knows what its use is in real life. Neither principal nor teachers nor children. Maybe it makes sense, but almost no one knows it. But if someone speaks 3ab instead of 2ab then four people surely get laughing. We have storage devices to store this data. But institutes don’t understand this.

Are Indian Engineering colleges are useless.

No, they are not as useless as we think they teach us to handle pressure by giving lots of assignments, theory, lab work, practicals, viva, tutorial sheets, projects, major, minor, internal, external, thesis, mid-semester tests, webinars, workshops, and many more.

They prepare us for future tensions, job pressure. So stop blaming the colleges and try to improve your skills. That matters a lot. Have a Good day!

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