Scripting language vs Programming language

What is Programming?

Programming: Programming is the set of instructions given to the system for perform various tasks. It is used to make software, games and other utility programs. The language in which these instructions are given to the computer is known as programming languages. They uses compiler to execute their task. This is one of the main difference between scripting language vs programming language. Programming languages are depend on compilers.

Imperative and Declarative are the two aspects of programming languages.

Imperative: In imperative programming there are 3 styles of programming languages:

  • Procedural
  • Object-Oriented
  • Parallel Processing

Declarative: Declarative programming are of 3 styles:

  • Logical
  • Functional
  • Database

Examples of programming languages are C, C++, Java, python, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, Sql etc.

What is scripting?

It’s all about write the script to perform certain task. Scripting languages are the subcategory of programming languages. It connects the one language to another languages and do not work standalone. PHP, Perl, Python, Javascript, VBScript are all examples of scripting language. Scripting languages are executed on interpreter that is execute line by line not like the compiler in one go. There is no work of compiler in scripting languages. Scripting languages are most widely used to create a website.

Python is programming language or scripting language?

That is one line answer python is scripting language as well as programming language. By reading above you can clear your doubt that why python is scripting as well as programming language.

What is the best Scripting Language:

This question is most ask, that which is best scripting language. Today Javascript is one of the best scripting language and mostly used in industries.

Difference between Scripting and Programming language:

Scripting LanguageProgramming Language
Scripting languages are executed on an interpreterProgramming languages are execute to work on compiler
Scripting languages doesn’t stand work aloneProgramming languages are able to work alone
It is used in small codesIt is used in big and complex codes
Scripting languages doesn’t require any extra memoryIt requires extra memory
It is run line by line due to interpreter executionProgramming languages are run in one go
Scripting language is subcategory of programming languageProgramming language is whole at all
Scripting language works as a bridge between many programming languagesIt is the instructions which is connected by scripting languages
Examples of scripting languages are: PHP, Python, Javascript, Perl, VBscriptExamples of programming languages are: C, C++, Java,
Scripting vs programming language

Scripting vs programming language conclusion:

All the scripting languages are programming languages but it is not necessary that all the programming languages are scripting languages.

Example: C++ is just a programming language and not scripting language but we can call PHP, Javascript, Python as programming or scripting language.

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