Nano Diamond Batteries: The future of batteries

Nano Diamond Batteries (NDB) the next generation batteries. These batteries can last for 28000 years. A Californian company NDB, has developed a most powerful highly efficient Nano Diamond Battery that has ability to last up to 28,000 years without charging. These batteries are based on the utilization of nuclear waste. These are the most powerful and most efficient batteries of decades. NDB is the next level generation invention.

This concept was proposed by the University of Bristol Cabot Institute during their annual lecture that held on 25 November 2016 at Wills Memorial Building.

This is a boon for the digital world not only for mobiles but also for cars, aerospace and medical technology. NDB uses nuclear waste to generate power. The radioactive core material is protected inside multiple layers of synthetic diamonds or artificial diamond. The synthetic diamond is the thermally conductive material. This synthetic diamond traps the radiation of nuclear material inside the device.

The NDB works like a tiny nuclear generator. The power source for the NDB is radioactive isotopes that are trapped by multiple levels of synthetic diamond. Energy is absorbed in the diamond by a process called inelastic scattering, which is used to generate electricity. The self-charging process will provide a charge for the full lifetime of any device up to 28,000 years of battery life.

When the nuclear battery runs out of power, then it decays nuclear material to a stable state, which means no leftover nuclear waste. It’s name Nano Diamond is based on its working because the radioactive nuclear material is stored inside a artificial nano size artifical diamond.

NDB would reduce the costs and capable of storing nuclear waste in the most useful form. Implementing their innovative technology would improve the standard of living and makes the development eco-friendly and green.

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