Programmers basically the Engineers. The awesome buddies of our planet. They are only one’s who understands the computer language. If you want to know more about Engineers go to the boys hostel of any Engineering Institutes. And if not possible watch series like Hostel Daze, Chhichhore or 3 idiots you learn a lot about them.

But most of them are Single in relationship. We talk a lot, now come on the syllabus. There are some weaknesses every Engineer or programmer suffer from them.

#1. Communication Skills

The most toughest task for an Engineer to talk in English. According to a survey most of the Engineers had poor Communication skills. But that matters only in Indian Institutes not in other countries. Because Indian Institutes concentrate more on English speaking rather than skill development.

And programmers are only one’s who know multiple languages c, c++, java, ruby, javascript, python, react.js, flutter, kotlin, etc. So stop bullying them about their communication skills.

#2. Physical Condition

Most of the Engineers had bad body physique. Because they says “they doesn’t have enough time for that.” But they lies, they are lazy. They do their work on the last moment of deadline.

#3. Leadership Skills

In this today meme’s world, what you think Engineers have leadership skills or not. Survey says that they doesn’t had leadership skills. But according to me they do not require this skill. Do you know the 85% memers are Engineers. A single Engineer is enough to shake the world.

#4. Timing

That is the point we talk about above. Time the most precious thing of this world. But Engineers waste a lot. A lot means a lot. They are crazy about doing weird things. But according to their point of view they are making memories by doing so.

#5. Prioritization

Prioritization refers to the decisions of programmers. They see the problem from an different angle. If their is a bug in a program their are very little chance they remove it. They make the new feature from it. Here is a image which helps you to understand this point.

#6. Presentation Skills

Presentation skills refers to the mixture of skill set of communication skills and leadership skills. And you know, so what is the condition of presentation skills of Engineers.

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