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Minimum requirements for Adsense approval- Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense is a monetizing platform used to earn revenue based on the ads. The publisher place the code of google adsense in their <head> tag of the website. And website became a publisher for the advertisers.

Not every website has this adsense approval to became publisher. There are several criteria on the basis of which the google adsense account is approved for displaying ads. Or we can say there are some minimum requirements for the approval of google adsense.

Minimum requirements for Adsense approval: (For Website)

  • Website must have a top level domain i.e (.com, .net, .tech, .in, .org, etc)
  • Have a good hosting service
  • There must be 15+ posts on the site
  • Each post should be of larger than 300 words without plagiarized content
  • There are atleast 4 different categories on our site
  • Use user friendly theme and font
  • Create proper menus in the header
  • There should be privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us page and sitemap page present on the website
  • Index your pages manually in the google search console
  • Now, apply for google adsense

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Explanation of points of minimum requirements for adsense approval:

#Point 1: Website must have a top level domain like .com, .net, .org, .in or is the only top level free domain.

#Point 2: Website works on a good hosting provider. Blogspot is one of the free and good hosting service provider.

#Point 3: On website there must be 15+ articles so that it does not show error plenty of content.

#Point 4: Each article on your website must be atleast 300 words so it can rank easily. Article should not be copied from any website.

#Point 5: Create atleast four categories on website. Do not leave empty any category.

#Point 6: Only use user friendly themes.. If theme is made by you code the navigation of website properly otherwise it show navigation error.

#Point 7: Provide the links of categories in the header menu so it does not show any navigation error at the time of approval

#Point 8: Create privacy police pages and provide their links in the header section of website. To prevent your site from the error of site under construction.

#Point 9: After posting articles and privacy policy pages index your articles and privacy pages in the google search console (google webmaster tool) manually.

#Point 10: Hurray, now your site is ready to get approval. 99% websites get approval by follow the above points. If after this there is some error you can resolve that error and reapply for adsense.

Tips for google adsense:

There is no role of traffic in the approval of google adsense. A website has millions of traffic or 0 traffic there is no advantage in the approval of adsense. They must only check the minimum requirements of their criteria.

Always remember we never have to click on our ads or ask our friends to click on them. You may suspend your account if do it so. And don’t go on your website again and again itself.

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