Laptop or Notebook what you have?

Many of us confused that whether their portable computing device is Laptop or Notebook. Or how we identify a Laptop and a Notebook? There is always a little bit of confusion between our minds on this topic. Well, that’s a small thing but is a little bit confusing. Because both devices are almost similar in the physical overview. And are same in functionalities also. Both are mobile devices and can be carried by users. Which one is better or which one you should buy? By reading the following difference you will be able to understand the difference between Laptops and Notebooks. And can buy device according to their requirement or need.

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Laptops are usually larger and heavier

Whereas Notebooks are smaller and lighter than Laptops

A laptop usually weighs between 1.4 to 5.4 Kgs (3 to12 pounds)

A Notebook weighs less than 2.26 Kgs (5 pounds)
Laptops are powerful Notebooks are less powerful than Laptops
Laptops are cheaper than Notebooks Notebooks are generally expensive
Laptops have a higher processing speed. Notebooks have a lower processing speed as compared to Laptops
Any type of hardware can be connected to Laptops Limited types of hardware can be connected to Notebooks
Laptops are thicker than Notebooks Notebooks are slimmer than Laptops
The laptop has a peripheral option used to put information and get information out of the computer. While the notebook has no peripheral option for information sharing.
Laptop hardware is stronger as compared to notebook hardware. Notebook hardware is simple.
Laptops are less user compatible and mobile Notebooks are more compatible and mobile than Laptops
Mostly Laptops are upgradable Usually, Notebooks are Non-upgradable but some of them are upgradable.
The laptop keyboard is large enough to use conveniently Notebook keyboard is small according to Notebook size

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