iOS vs Android: Which is best?

Android vs ios

To operate or run any hardware we need a software that software is known as operating system. Basically an operating system is bunch of many software. The major operating systems of smartphones are Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry OS. And the widely used operating systems are Android and iOS. The iOS  launch in 29 June 2007 by Apple  while Android  launch in 23 December 2008 by Google. The iOS launched before than Android. The iOS stands for iphone operating system.

 iOS and Android both are operating systems. But major difference between Android and iOS is of it’s source. The Android is based on open source system while iOS is based on closed source system.

Let understand it in simple way when a smartphone company build a smartphone then that smartphone requires a set of commands to function so that set of  commands  is operating system but to make an operating system is not that easy by every company because if the company built there own operating system they required technical teams and funds so that the cost of a smartphone is automatically increases so to reduce that cost  many companies like Samsung ,Nokia, vivo  buy the operating system from other companies like google and Microsoft and install it in their own built smartphones.

On the other hand iOS is closed source operating system means company itself design its OS and it used only in their own smartphones like iphones.


The batteries used in Android is Lithium-ion batteries which are developed by Akira Yoshino in 1985. The largest manufactures of Li-ion batteries are LG and Panasonic. Also the batteries used in iOS devices are Li-ion batteries but these batteries are manufactured by Apple so these batteries are known as Apple Lithium-ion Batteries. The main drawback of Li-ion battery is of it’s cost. The cost of Li-ion batteries is little bit higher then other energy source used in devices.


This topic is always plays interesting and popular role in Android and  iOS battle. This is because that the craze of selfies ,pics and vlog is on peak. Every user wants high quality of photos and video graphing, so for that type of performance the device have to be rich in software and hardware. The most of camera hardware like lenses and  sensors of Android and built up by SONY and software is of google while in iOS devices software and hardware are built up by Apple. The synergy between hardware and software in iOS is much better then the Android device.


 Display  reflects the beauty of device. Display is the most stared  hardware in an device no matters it’s iOS or Android, so  display have to be of  high resolution. In iOS the high resolution display is Apple Super Retina XDR display where as in Android the highest resolution display is Samsung Super Amoled plus Infinity-o display.


Majority of users prefers iOS over Android in performance comparison.  It’s quite true that in performance comparison iOS is always ahead in race than Android. Reasons for above statement is that, in iOS the hardware of smartphone is built by same company which built operating system so that the synergy between software and hardware is excellent.

And the performance is good while in Android the hardware and operating system both are built by two different companies because of that lack in synergy between hardware and software. The performance is not good as much as iOS. So the problems like hanging and lagging occurs.


There is  major difference between the pricing of iOS and Android. The average cost of an iOS smartphone is $758 like iphone 7, iphone x etc. while  an Android smartphone is start from $130  like Redmi 8a , Oneplus8T pro and many more . In iOS the pricing is high because the hardware and software are built as well as assemble by only one company that is Apple, whereas in Android the hardware building company, software developing company and smartphone assembling company are different so the price of Android smartphones is low as compared to iphones.

PROCESSOR (iOS vs android):

This is the most necessary thing in any smart device. The all performances of device is based on it’s processor. The processor of iOS devices is built by apple on other side the processor used in Android are built up by Qualcomm, Mediatek  and Samsung.

The  most efficient iOS processor at this time is Apple A13 Bionic Chip having Centurion mark 165 while Android most efficient processors are Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 having Centurion mark 158 and Kirin 9000 of Centurion mark 152.


In security android vs ios is a battle like armed vs unarmed . It is as simple as It’s not like that the security of iOS is too high or the security of Android is too low . The major difference of security in iOS and android is that the iOS is closed source operating system and Android is open source operating system. In simple way Android allows every applicant who apply for his app in playstore.

So the chance of malware and data lose of user increases. On the other hand the iOS can’t allow any external developer in app store, all the applications present is app store is developed by Apple technical team so the chance of malware and data lose is almost zero. According to research reports of Mobile Threat Intelligence 80% threat infected devices are android devices.

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As many choices you have the better opinion you get this line fits in this comparison. In Android due to the open source system, the interference of external developers in google play store is high so that the competition is also high. Due to that competition you get more choices and varieties in applications.

On other side in iOS, the app store never permits external developers. The developers in iOS is only of Apple developer team so there is no competition in app store so you will get limited software with limited choices. Due to these limited software restriction iOS disliked by a large amount of users.

The no of apps  present in Google play store for use is around 2.87 million on the other side in Apple iOS is around 1.96 million so the difference between apps in Android and iOS is around 820 thousand apps.


This is the most important and necessary thing in a gadget. In iOS all the software and security updates are under the eyes of Apple so iOS users gets highly qualified updates in very less time, but where as in Android the users can’t get all the security and software updates directly from google they get updates from that brand who assemble the smartphone so the software and security update time obviously increases and also due to the interference of other developers in software.

The software got some patches and the quality of software updates is decreases and to remove that patches the company have to rollout another update for device .


In case of storage  both operating systems support app storage in device. But apart that in iOS there is no support of external disk while in Android you can add external memory card very easily .

If  we talk about cloud storage Android also preferred over iOS because in iOS  the only 5gb icloud free storage is available where as in Android the 15gb google drive (cloud) storage  is available, and also the paid cloud storage  in Android is cheaper then the icloud storage .


AI is the future of the technology in AI field both iOS and Android are proceeding in high speed  but due to open source system google Android is ahead then Apple iOS. IN Android the name of  virtual assistant is GOOGLE while in iOS  name is  SIRI.


There is no doubt that the majority of user prefers the iOS over Android. There is no end in the fight of Android vs iOS because both the operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages so this is fully depends upon the features requirement of an user. At last i only say that be slow in choosing, but slower in changing.

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