Internet Usage before and after COVID impact

COVID age gives a great impact to the progression of the world. It changes the way we Internet. Corona Virus works as boon for the cyber-world (internet). It changes the trend of internet usage over the time. The data usage of before and after Covid impact is provided below:

Away from social distancing we finds the new way to connect. Specially, schools and colleges took this opportunity and start to start teaching online on remote platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom etc. Which results in the more usage of these platforms. Here is the trend of remote work apps before and after COVID impact.

The usage of remote work apps increases upto 75% after normal conditions

This the trend of some popular sites and apps from normal to new normal.

This is the overview of impact of data usage of internet before and after COVID-19.

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Interesting Facts about internet during pandemic:

  • Facebook is the most searched word on google in the times of corona.
  • Coronavirus is the word related with pandemic searched more than 65 million in pandemic.
  • Internet usage is increased by 70% in the year 2020.
  • Before Covid, 34% of the people doesn’t know about the word “Sanitizer” and 40% of them googled it.
  • Work from Home is the most famous slogan in the IT sector.
  • There are 4.57 billion Internet users as of December 2020. This represents 59% of the total population of the world. A decade ago in 2k10, fewer than 2 billion people were online.
  • Nearly half of Internet users of 2020 lives in Asia – 765 million people are from China and 600 million people from India.

Apart from this, COVID took away our freedom from us. This is a lesson for us that if we tried to go against the nature. Nature will surely destroyed us without pity on us. Being going digital it doesn’t mean we are ahead of nature. We doesn’t compare between planes and stars, Nuclear bombs and Big bang.

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