Interesting Facts about Computer Science Engineering (CSE)

Computer Science Engineering is one the popular stream or most chosen stream by the students of non-medical for graduation. In this digital world the need of computer engineers is very high.

It is a type of creative field, studying computer engineering helps you widen your creative thinking and provides solution to the problems which people haven’t thought about yet. In previous year the trend of CSE increases day by day.

Computer Science Engineering is much more about than programming. A computer engineer is like an artist whose canvas may be a smartphone or PC display and programming languages works like paints and brushes. It is all about inventing and building solutions.

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Some Interesting Facts about Computer Science Engineering are:

#1: Computer Science graduates get one of the highest paid salaries in the computing industry. According to the an American business magazine Forbes, computer engineers are among the top ten earners in the world.

#2: Computer Science Engineering is not just about programming. Programming is just a skill which is taught in computer science.

#3: According to surveys, 69% of computer science engineering graduates will have at least one job offer before they graduates from the college.

#4: Being a computer science graduate doesn’t mean you are tied to a computer forever and sit in the basement and code all the time.

#5: The scope of computer science will never go out of the fashion. It is myth that mostly graduates are unemployed.

#6: Job Satisfaction. Money isn’t the only bonus to getting a job in Computer Science or IT sector. This has one of the highest rates of job satisfaction around. A recent study in the England found that the job satisfaction is double than that of the national average for other work. Two of the major reasons are: The freedom of work and the flexibility of work they are provided with.

#7: People’s dependency on computers and devices will increase so much that the computer engineers will have so many things to do. Which means limitless job opportunities for computer engineers.

So, if you are choosing study computer engineering after your +2, you are definitely making the correct decision. The future awaits innovative engineers who can transform the world and make things easier for people. And there will be a time when everything is digitized, and easily possible.

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