Instant loan || Top 5 platforms which gives instant loan

Loan means the amount is money we borrow from someone and later we paid it with interest to them in the given time. In today’s world it is very difficult task to take loan. Seems to be the long process, lots of paperwork and require lots of time.

Today we bring out the top 5 applications which gives you the instant loan without wasting your time.

#1. Money View Loans

Money view loan is one of the best application for instant loan. It provides the instant loan to you in few hours of upto 5000 rupees. When you applied for the loan you can select the tenure of paying back maximum of 3 months. But it is quite expensive than regional banks. Because you can apply online and get the money in few hours.

Money view loan check your loan approval eligibility criteria through their various CIBIL stats. This application is available on google play store. According to public reviews this is one of the best instant loan approval application.

You can simply apply for instant loan through this app by downloading it. And upload necessary documents like Photograph, PAN Card etc and do your instant e-KYC. Your application is simply verified in 5 minutes. Whether you are student or jobless.

#2. Kredit Bee- Instant loan

Kedit Bee the more wonderful application than the previous one. This application can gives you the instant loan more than 1 lakh rupees. The KYC process will be the same as of money view loans. And your money is transferred to your bank account in 5 mins after approval.

The interest rate of Kredit Bee is quite high than the regional banks due to its instant service. The tenure of paying back is 2 months for 8000 rupees. As their policies are changing according to the time. So please check out their policies before applying for the loan.

#3. CashBean

CashBean also gives you the instant loan. But the tenure period of paying back the money is very less. Although, the interest rate is very high. But Cashbean also gives the good amount of instant loan to you.

All these applications are registered and safe to use. And gives you the instant loan in minimal time. But the issue is that these applications doesn’t gives you the huge amount of loan. For this service you should go to the regional bank.

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