How to earn free bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a famous cryptocurrency. It is one of the expensive cryptocurrency in the world. Cryptocurrency means it is virtual currency and doesn’t exist physically.

Bitcoin can be sent from one bitcoin wallet to another bitcoin wallet. The transaction history of bitcoin wallet is stored in a file called blockchain.

Earn free bitcoin everyday by follow the following steps:-

Sign up process:

#1. Go to the

#2. Click on sign up.

#3. Sign up with email or your phone number and enter a strong password.

#4. After click on sign up solve a captcha like puzzle.

#5. Enter verification code which you have received on your email or phone number which you have enter at the time of sign up.

#6. Then click on continue.

#7. A pop up screen is visible to you which have options like “I have crypto” and “I want to buy crypto”. Simply click on cross button because we doesn’t but or sell any crypto-currency.

#8. Click on three lines then click on account.

#9. In the account section, click on verification button.

#10. A three level KYC appears on your screen. But we have to do only 2 level KYC because 2 level KYC is enough to earn bitcoin in free.

#11. Do your KYC (Your KYC will be verified within 48 hours).

#12. After your KYC will be done and verified.

Earn free bitcoin process:

#1. Click on three lines.

#2. Click on more, then click on free bitcoin. (A page will appear indicates get free bitcoin everyday)

#3. Scroll the page 5 tasks will appear on your page.

#4. Complete each task. And the each task is to answer the given question which is the simplest task.

#5. Each task worth 80 satoshi. (10,000 satoshi is approximately 1.85 US dollars)

Steps to increase your satoshi earnings:

You can boost your earning by refer your friends. For every refer you will get the same amount of satoshi your friend will earn everyday.

#1. Click on three lines, then click on referral.

#2. Scroll the page copy your referral link and send it to your friends.

#3. Then make your friend’s account and complete his/her KYC and start earn.

Steps to withdrawal your money:

#1. After 10,000 satoshi simply click on withdraw and enter your bitcoin address.

If you doesn’t have bitcoin address. Simply, sign up on coinswitch and get your bitcoin address. And then withdraw your amount in the bank account.

Earning proof:

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