Evolution of Cell Phone

There are 7.5 billion people in the world and 7.22 billion cell phones in the world. Every year 1.56 billion smartphones are sold in the world. Today, mobile phones are essential need of everyone. About 71% internet traffic came from smartphones. Cell phones evolved the digital world in an ultimate manner. But you know how the evolution of cell-phone occurs. The cell phone has gone through many changes. Day by day the new features are added to it.

Evolution of Cell Phone:

In this article we look into the evolution of mobiles and their details.

The Brick

the brick first phone of the world

Brick was the first cell phone in the world. An American Engineer Martin Cooper built this cell phone in 70’s and made the first phone call in year 1973. This phone was very big and heavy as compared to today’s smartphones. The Brick weighted more than 2 pounds and 2 inches tall. Due to its size and weight it is named as Brick. Brick was the first cell of Motorola.

DynaTac 8000X

DynaTac 8000X 2nd phone second phone old

In 1980’s the improved version of Brick was launched by Motorola. Dyna Tac 8000X was much sleeker than the Brick due to its compatible size and weight. But it is for only calling purpose not for sending E-mails and all like today’s smartphones. Dyna Tac was cost around 4000$.


StarTAC first pocket fit phone

Motorola StarTAC was the first cell phone to be fit in your pockets. Semi clam shell design was initiated to this device. It was released on 3 January 1996. About 60 million StarTAC’s were sold in all over the world. In year 2005, StarTAC was awarded as 6th greatest gadget of past 50 years.

Toshiba TCP-6000

Toshiba TCP-6000 phone old

Toshiba was the first competitor of Motorola in the field of cell phones. In 90’s Toshiba launched their first aspirant as Toshiba TCP-6000. Toshiba TCP-6000 was much lighter than StartTAC of Motorola. And gives a good competition to Motorola.

Hagenuk MT-2000

Hagenuk MT-2000 old phone

Hagenuk MT-2000 was the first cell phone with softkeys. Softkeys means the buttons of phone able to do multiple tasks like texting, gaming. It was the first phone with built in Antenna rather than traditional extension Antennas. Hagenuk MT-2000 was released in year 1994.

Nokia 8110

nokia 8110 old phone

In 1996 Nokia came in competition with their first cell phone as Nokia 8110. Nokia 8110 was came with 1500 mAh removable battery which is standby 25 days without charging. It was first popular phone with text messaging feature.

Nokia 8810

nokia 8810 phone old

Nokia 8810 the first cell phone with graphics screen as shown in above. Nokia revolutionized in the market of cell phone by launched Nokia 8810. It has built in antenna like Hagenuk MT-2000.

Sony Ericsson T68i

sony erriscson phone

Sony Ericsson T68i was the first cell which supports web browsing and Email messaging. Sony Ericsson T68i was the starting age of today’s smartphone.

Nokia 3310

nokia 3310 old phone most famous

Nokia 3310 also known as the unbreakable cell-phone. It was the most selling cell phone of its time. Around 126 million models were sold in all around the world. Nokia 3310 was release in year 2000. Nokia 3310 was a hype during its time. It plays the major role in evolution of cell phone.

Danger Hiptop

danger hiptop phone first old

Danger Hiptop was released by T-Mobile in year 2002. Danger Hiptop is most selling cell phone of 2002 due to its unique style of opening. And large sliding display.

Nokia 7650 (The first camera phone)

nokia 7650

Nokia 7650 was the first cell phone came with the inbuilt camera. Today’s smartphones camera technology is inherited from Nokia 7650. It came with new features like MMS (Multimedia Messaging), Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity. Also it has color display.

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Motorola Razr

moto razr first old

Motorola Razr was famous due its hottest design. It was release on July 2004. Motorola Razr was one of the famous cell phone of its time. Around 50 million models are sold in all over the world. Although it was much expensive.

BlackBerry 7290

blackberry first

BlackBerry 7290 is the new age cell phone for internet browsing. It allow full access to the internet browsing with colored display and full keyboard. It has 4 Mb ram and 32 Mb internal storage. It was released in year 2004.


iphone first

In 2007 Apple launched its first cellphone as Iphone 1st generation. It was the first touch smartphone that changes the history of mobile devices. Steve Jobs first CEO of Apple put an idea of touchscreen in cell phones.

HTC Dream

HTC Dream device

HTC Dream was the first smartphone which runs on google OS. And this feature of HTC Dream became the biggest competitor of apple. HTC Dream was released in year 2008.

Samsung Galaxy

samsung galaxy android phone

In 2009, Samsung launched its first smartphone as Galaxy. Which puts the android to another level. Which makes the Samsung the top leading smartphone company of the world in that time. Samsung totally changed the history of smartphones. Later on this series is continued to Galaxy X9.

Latest Smartphones:

In today’s time the smartphones are more advance. Many new smartphone brands are came into the market and rule the digital market. Their is a lot of competition between their products. Nokia left behind because it do not update their smartphone according to the technology. And Samsung beat it in the competition. However, Nokia was one of the biggest cell phone selling brand in the world.

Today there are lot of new smartphone brands which rule the world like Xiaomi Redmi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, one-plus, Moto-G, Asus and many more. This is all about evolution of cell phone.

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