Electricity Notes For Class 10

Electricity notes class 10 for all state boards and ICSE/CBSE boards written by Professor B.L Gupta (ABOHAR). Following notes are in PDF format in 2 parts.

  • All pages in these electricity notes are well arranged and is not cut pages.

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Today, we can’t live without electricity. Almost everything we use is works on it. It is a stand for digital world. It is produced when there is moment of electrons in closed path.

Electricity is the phenomenon related to stationary or moving electrical charges. Benjamin Franklin conducted its research in the 18th century. Charge may be a basic property of matter and is by elementary particles. In electricity, the particle concerned is that carries a charge selected, by convention, as negative. Thus, the varied displays of electricity are the results of the build-up or motion of numbers of electrons. Current or electricity is of two types A.C (Alternating Current) and D.C (Direct Current). It is measures by Ammeter.

The current that we tend to use may be a secondary energy supply as a result of it’s made by changing primary sources of energy like coal, fossil fuel, atomic energy, alternative energy, and wind energy, into power. Electrical things is additionally mentioned as associate energy carrier, which suggests it are often regenerate to alternative styles of energy like energy or heat. We can produce current by fossil fuels, hydro energy, fire energy i.e (Energies are inter-convertible. We can produce one energy form another form of energy)

Therefore, it is an important chapter in class 10 (Board Class) for standarization knowledge of current to youths. Above, is the provided electricity notes for class 10 in handwritten format available in high quality pdf.

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