how corona effect your lungs

Check your lungs power against corona virus || How to check your oxygen level

At the time of this pandemic crisis whole world is badly upset. This danger corona virus (COVID-19) directly affects our lungs and decay them. Here is the way to check that your lungs are healthy or not.

Check your lungs how healthy are they by follow the following steps:

Step 1: Breathe in until dot is reached to the point A.

Step 2: Hold your breathe until dot reached from point A to B.

Step 3: At the end breathe out slowly.

*To get the correct results check yours body oxygen level with oximeter

Tips to make your lungs stronger:

  • Do get vaccinated
  • Do deep breathing
  • Stay hydrated time to time
  • Laughing

What should we do to protect yourself from this pandemic:

  • Stay positive
  • Do not watch much news
  • Spend your time with your family
  • Thank to God
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Always wear mask
  • Daily intake to healthy plants like Tulsi.
  • Drink warm water
  • Exercise Daily

Why COVID patients need oxygen cylinder:

Due to infected from COVID-19 the power of lungs of peoples decrease. And they are not able to filter extract oxygen from environment due to mixing of different gases in the environment. So pure oxygen is provided to them.

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What is Pulse Oximeter:

Pulse oximeter is an digital device used to check that whether oxygen is sent properly from heart to the other parts of the body or not. The oxygen level of a normal person is 95% or higher. People with some kind of lung disease has 90% oxygen level. The “SpO2” reading tells the oxygen level percentage in someone’s blood.

Is 2021 COVID dangerous than 2020?

The answer of this question is “Yes, ofcourse”. Because COVID-19 referred as corona virus is an RNA virus. RNA viruses changes its structure and abilities according to the environment and conditions. In 2020, COVID has spread from China and effect all over the world. But according to the predictions, it is going to weak in summers due to warm environment. But it changes its abilities and make itself such superior that it can stay alive in warm environment also.

How dangerous is the corona virus:

For elders or peoples effected with diseases like high BP, sugar, asthma it is proove to be more dangerous. But for peoples of young age with healthy attribute is proove not so be dangerous. But do not take risk because this virus is going to be more stronger day by day.

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