Best hacking movies in Hindi latest 2021 dubbed in hindi

List of best hacking movies in hindi. Scroll down to watch and download best hacking movies in hindi.

Hacking: Hacking is the term used to define a data robbery of personal accounts. The persons who does hacking is called or known as “Hackers”. Hacking is a Cyber-crime.

There are 3 types of hackers in the world:

  • White-Hat Hackers
  • Black-Hat Hackers
  • Grey-Hat Hackers

White-Hat Hackers: These are the type of Hackers work for the data security of the people. They prevent their data from being steal by the Black-Hat Hackers. They play an important role in data security.

Black-Hat Hackers: Black-Hat Hackers are the Hackers which do their work for illegal purpose. They try to steal the personal data of somebody and use to it for illegal purpose. They hide their internet identity or IP and work.

Grey-Hat Hackers: Grey-Hat Hackers are the mixture of both White-Hat as well as Black-Hat Hackers. This is because they do White-Hat hacking but in somewhat time they do Black-Hat Hacking.

Software used for Hacking Purposes:

  • Kali Linux: It is the type of open source linux based operating system. It is famous for the use of Hacking purposes. It is famous in the field of hacking due to its inbuilt tools of hacking.
  • Tor Browser: It is the browser used by hackers for hacking. The speciality of this browser is that it keeps the identity of pc hidden. It changes the multiple IP during use.

Concept of hacking in movies (Hacking movies in Hindi):

Many of interesting movies are made on the concept of hacking. Although the concept of hacking in these movies is not same as in reality. They are above the expectations and make it somewhat imaginary. But watching best hacking movies in hindi is interesting.

Here is the list of best hacking movies in hindi with their downloading link:

#1. Hacker 2016 (Hollywood): Hacker 2016 is one of the best hacking movie in the world. In this movie a girl is a White-Hat hacker and keep an eye on the dark web and notices the suspicious activities of the dark web and gave the information to the FBI. The group of Cyber-Criminals traces her and fall behind her. How she escape from them and track them this is the movie all about. (IMDB rating 6.2)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

#2. Mickey Virus (Bollywood): The most interesting Indian hacking movie of all time. A hacker named “Mickey” is trapped by the group of hackers. He hacks the bank server without knowing the truth. How he escape from them and caught this group this movie is all about. (IMDB rating 6.0)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

#3. Dark Web: Cicada 3301 (2021): Hacker stops the chain of dark web illegal activities through his brilliant mind, how he does it this is all about. (IMDB rating 5.0)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

#4. Sid the Hacker (Bollywood): Sid the white hat hacker traces the Black hat hacker group and fight against them. How he saves himself and kill them this is the story all about. (IMDB rating unavailable)

Best Sites for downloading best hacking Movies in Hindi are:

Many of them are available on Youtube but those which are not available can be download from these sites.

Why we should make habbit to watch these kind of movies:

By watching these movies related to cyber technology we will aware about the things of internet. We will able to protect being victim. Best hacking movies in hindi prepare us for it.

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