Android Versions and their release dates

Android is the mobile operating system. Mostly used by touchscreen devices based on modified Linux kernels. It was more famous in the market due to its easily understandable UI and smooth user experience. The name of the latest android version is android 11. It is an open-source OS. The meaning of android is a robot. Android is a product of google whose CEO is Pichai Sundararajan. Here is the list of all versions of android and their release dates from beginning to end with their names.

#1. APLHA-(1.0)

Alpha was the first production version of Android named as android 1.0- Launched on 23, September 2008, with API level 1. It was the base of android where android started its carrier. Alpha was one of the ultimate invention of its time. It does not offer many features but it is something new in the world of smartphones.

#2. PETIT FOUR-(1.1)

Petit Four was the upgraded version of Alpha one made for performance improvement. It is also known as android Beta. Petit four was released on 9, February 2009 with API level 2. It improves the features of android very smartly. Petit Four comes with features like copy-paste, video playback, video recording, and third-party keyboard usage.

#3. CUPCAKE-(1.5)

Cupcake was the first Android version who got a desert nickname. It was developed by Google on 27, April 2009 with API level 3.

#4. DONUT-(1.6)

Android 1.6 was known as Android Donut. It was released on 15, September 2009 after some time of Android Cupcake. And came with the upgraded API level 4. It is very much upgraded than all of the previous ones. And also compatible with all sizes of smartphones. It was the first version in which battery indicator is introduced.

#5. ECLAIR-(2.0)

Eclair was first released on 26, October 2009 with an API level 5 to 7. Eclair offers improved UI better visualizations and support features of HTML 5.

#6. FROYO-(2.2)

Froyo was basically the up-gradation of Eclair. In this, the bugs of Eclair is removed. Froyo was officially released on 20 May, 2010.


Version 2.3 the Gingerbread was launched on 6, December 2010. With API level 9 to 10. This version pushes the limits of android more further. It introduces features like NFC and VoIP calling. Nexus S was the first smartphone that comes with Gingerbread officially.

#8. HONEYCOMB-(3.0)

Android 3.0 the Honeycomb was launched on 22, February 2011. It was basically designed for devices with large displays or for tablets. It was released with an API level 11 to 13.


Ice-cream Sandwich was one of the ultimate releases of android. It was the first that supports Face-Unlock on selected devices. 4.0 was released on 18, October 2011 with API version 14 to 15.

#10. JELLY-BEAN (4.1)

Jelly-Bean was released on 9, July 2012 with API level 16 to 18. It was 10th iteration of android which is made for improved performance experienced.

#11. KITKAT-(4.4)

The first version of android which limits hardware capabilities. Kitkat was officially launched on 31, October 2013. The API level of kitkat is 19 to 20.

#12. LOLLIPOP-(5.0)

Lollipop was famous due to its over-optimized features like battery optimization, improve application runtime. Lollipop was released on 12, November 2014 with API 20 to 22.

#13. MARSHMELLOW-(6.0)

Marshmellow comes with the experienced UI on October 5, 2015. With API 23. IT was the first who supports USB type-C and physical fingerprint sensor.

#14. NOUGAT-(7.0)

Nougat 7.0 was released on 22, August 2016. With Vulkan API 24 to 25 for better graphics and UI.

#15. OREO-(8.0)

Oreo 8.0 was released on 21, August 2017. It was based on API level 26 to 27. Oreo was the first who supports Bluetooth 5.0.

#16. PIE-(9.0)

Android Pie was officially released on 6, August 2018 with API 28. Android Pie comes with new trend. It has in-display navigation buttons. Which famous alot during its time. Till today its trend is going on.

#17. ANDROID 10-(10.0)

Android 10 was released on 3, September 2019 based on API level 29. During development it is known as Android Q but later on its name was changed to Android 10. It was the first modern android OS that doesn’t have a desert name. It’s UI is based on full screen user interface.

#18. ANDROID 11-(11.0)

Android 11 was released on 8, September 2020. With an API level 30. It comes with built-in screen recorder. This is also the latest android version.

That’s all about Android versions and their release dates

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