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All about TRP in Media Full form of TRP in media and explanation

The full form of TRP in media is “Television Rating Point“. TRP refers to the technique to judge which programme is most watched by the users or liked by peoples.

As clear by the full form of TRP in media “Television Rating point”. It means the rating points of any TV telecast or programme. Higher the rating points higher the authority of channel and higher will be the payout.

How TRP is calculated?

Now the question is how TRP is being calculated. TRP is measured by “BAR-O-meters” by an Indian agency “The Broadcast Audience Research Council”. This council weekly reveals the TRP of TV channels and programmes.

You also can check the TRP’s of various TV channels and programmes at the official website of BARC India. TRP is vary according to the time.

The advertising price of every channel is depends on its TRP. According to the TRP of the channel advertisers decide where to advertise the product. Higher Television Rating Points refers to the investment in money.

As a channel has high trp its advertising rate is also high due to watch time of more peoples. TRP increases with the watchtime. More will be the watch time more will be the TRP. If a show is trending it’s trp is at its maximum level.

What are BAR-O-meters?

“BAR-O-meter” is an electronic device which B.A.R.C installs it in the several houses. These BAR-O-meters collect the data from these houses and send to the council. And through this data B.A.R.C defines the TRP of a channel or programme.

How to check advertising rate of a channel or programme in media?

There is a website which gives analytics to the approximate advertising price of a TV channel. The name of website is Themediaant.com.

Which news channel has highest TRP? (Full form of TRP in media)

According to surveys almost every time, Ajjtak news channel has highest TRP among news channels. The av. price of ajjtak for advertising someone’s product is about 700 rupees per second(minimum duration in 10 seconds).

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Why set-up box comes in TV platforms:

Getting data through BAR-O-meter is an old technique. Data is mismatched and loss by this. So B.A.R.C decided to bring the set-up box as a new technology. Because the set-up boxes are mandatory if you want to watch television.

And the correct information is available to B.A.R.C about TRP. This is just like population count. And according to this correct data the amount is fixed for an TV show for particular amount of time.

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TRP is also like rating more will be the trp more will be the reputation and more will be the money. This is a whole game about TRP and full form of TRP in media. Advertising is one of the major and biggest source of income of tv channels. You also can say trp is directly proportional to watchtime.

Once again we remember you the full form of trp in media it is Television Rating Point.

Highest TRP show in the world?

Idols, the TV show has the gihest TRP in all over the world. This show is airing around 2001. This show is watched by more than 3.2 billion peoples.

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