In this topic, we talk about the Refresh button in windows. Most of the users when starts their PC/Laptop start pressing the refresh again and again. Do we get any benefit from pressing the refresh button again and again? If it benefits then how. And if it not, then why is this button given to us.

So first of all, let’s talk about what happens when we refresh the Pc. So if you refresh with your mouse or keyboard, then whatever is being shown on your screen is refreshed once. Means you are downloading a file and you have opened your folder and the file is going to be downloaded and displayed in that folder but it is not visible. Due to some technical glitches like windows failed to auto-refresh the screen. Then, in this case, we will use the refresh option. Let’s take the example of WhatsApp. Whenever you save a contact in your mobile to WhatsApping to that specific person. Sometimes WhatsApp does not show this specific contact in the contact list. Then you’ll go to WhatsApp press the refresh to refresh the contact list then you’ll be able to see the contact of a specific person.

Same to same refresh button works in windows. In older pc’s auto-refresh does not work properly and we need to refresh our Pc again and again. But now developers made the OS of Pc advanced that it doesn’t need any refresh button. Basically, refresh button doesn’t affect your performance of pc.

The only work of the refresh button is to refreshes the screen and check that there any modification is done in the present screen or not and updates it.


So, stop refreshing the Pc and concentrate on your work. Because refreshing your pc only refreshes your screen but hard work refreshes your life.

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